2022 Volkswagen Jetta GLI Owner's Manual

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2022 Volkswagen Jetta GLI Owner's Manual

2022 Volkswagen Jetta GLI is something between a sports car and a classic sedan, in other words, not yet a GTI, but not yet a base. Despite the pragmatism of German engineers, the model does not look boring, the car steers and drives quite briskly.

The exterior of the car is made in the features of the renewed style of the brand, which is dominated by straight lines, angularity and the overall rapidity of the design. In general, the car looks very bright and spectacular and clearly stands out from the general traffic on the road.

The Jetta GLI sounds very good, as befits a charged sports sedan, and instead of fake exhaust pipes, we have a real exhaust. And to more accurately create the feeling of the car being tuned for sports, the Beats acoustic system also reproduces the low bass of the exhaust, immersing the driver in a unique atmosphere during acceleration and driving in Sport mode. In general, the exterior of the GLI is minimally different from the regular Jetta.

Among the features, you can note the facelift of the front part of the car, which includes updated LED optics and red vertical air intakes, which are already characteristic of sports versions of Volkswagen. In general, such stylistic elements of red color are present throughout the car, including the red thread of the interior trim, red brake calipers and red tape on the radiator grille, which constantly remind the owner that in front of him is a sports version of the car.

2022 Volkswagen Jetta GLI technical characteristics

Jetta GLI is equipped with an in-line 4-cylinder turbo engine with a volume of 2.0 liters and a capacity of 228 hp. Already at 1750 revolutions per minute, it produces its maximum torque of 280 Nm. This unit belongs to the Volkswagen Group EA888 engine family, which are well known for their oil-eating properties. Moreover, depending on the technical condition of the engine, even 1 liter per 3,000 km can be quite normal consumption for this TSI engine. The engine has 16 valves with hydraulic compensators and two camshafts and a timing chain drive.

The sporty design and powerful engine are complemented by a 7-speed DSG DQ 381 automatic transmission with double wet clutch and power steering paddles. But even the manual control of gear shifting is not honest, the robot still intervenes and shifts to a higher gear, preventing the car from keeping high revs. DQ 381 is built on the basis of DQ 500, which is one of the most reliable gearboxes of the Volkswagen Group.

The Jetta GLI model is already equipped with the IQ Drive package of options in the basic configuration, which includes adaptive cruise control, brake assist, a system for keeping the car in the traffic lane, monitoring blind spots and the pride of Volkswagen, an emergency assistance system that takes control of the car until it comes to a complete stop in case of fainting or sudden deterioration of the driver’s well-being.

2022 Volkswagen Jetta GLI Maintenance

When driving in the city traffic, the robotic gearbox does not cause any complaints, smoothly switching speeds even in traffic jams. And when accelerating in the “pedal to the floor” mode, DSG works with incredible speed, adapting to the manner and driving style of the driver. The engine is quite enough for quick acceleration. The turbine picks up acceleration almost imperceptibly, adding drive and passion even to an ordinary everyday commute.

As for the handling of the car, the feelings are very mixed. The sedan enters turns without great desire, allowing small rolls and wear of the front axle when performing a sharp maneuver. However, the car’s suspension works very well due to rough handling and general balance in everyday use.

Jetta GLI is positioned by the brand as a sports version of the regular Jetta, so the quality of service should correspond to the level of the car. The VAG auto concern recommends servicing the car exclusively at official Volkswagen dealerships under the supervision of professional specialists and using only original spare parts. The manufacturer regulates scheduled maintenance every 15,000 km after the car leaves the assembly line.

List of necessary works during scheduled maintenance

15.000 km
• Replacement of engine oil;
• Replacing the oil filter and cabin filter;
• Diagnostics of the braking system and the injection system;
• Checking the camber of the ascent;
• Replacing the plug of the oil pan;

30.000 km in addition to the above
• Replacement of air and fuel filters;
• Replacement of a set of original spark plugs;
• replacement of lubricant in the gearbox.

45.000 km, 60.000 km, 75.000 km
The following maintenance are practically no different from each other. All filters and spark plugs can be updated. In addition, the mechanics of the service center replace the consumables and check the performance of the main components of the car.

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