2024 Volkswagen ID.4 Owner's Manual

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2024 Volkswagen ID.4 Owner's Manual

The Volkswagen automotive brand positions the ID.4 as a conceptual urban SUV. With the release of this model, the company has significantly strengthened its position in the electric car market, standing on a par with its most famous representatives, such as: Tesla Model Y, Tesla Model 3 and Lexus RZ.

It is worth noting that after the presentation of the electric car on the world stage in 2021, it won the World Car of the Year competition. The electric motor that powers the car is quite compact in size, and its technical characteristics are impressive not only when comparing the model with competitors but also with modern cars in general.

Thanks to the competent placement of the engine and well-thought-out ergonomics, the designers have achieved a spacious interior with a high roof with a panoramic glass surface as standard. For the convenience of rear-seat passengers, the doors are designed to open conveniently at a wide angle and have sufficient legroom. Despite the placement of a part of the propulsion system above the rear axle, the luggage compartment volume can range from 543 to 1575 liters, depending on the seat position.

Technical characteristics of the Volkswagen ID.4

The electric vehicle is supplied with two types of batteries of 52 and 77 kWh, which provide a maximum range of up to 520 km. It takes 12.5 hours to fully charge the battery in normal mode, and only 40 minutes in accelerated mode (up to 80%). Since this is still a crossover, the manufacturer offers a choice of rear-wheel drive and all-wheel drive versions. The electric motor of the mono-drive model generates 150 kW, which translates into more familiar values equal to 201 hp.

The all-wheel drive ID.4 is equipped with an additional 75 kW (102 hp) electric motor, which makes a total of 302 hp.
The engines paired with the transmission, as befits all electric cars, accelerate the car smoothly, with inherent ease and smoothness, accelerating the crossover to the first hundred in 6.5 seconds. The maximum speed of the SUV is 160 km/h.
Features of operation and maintenance

The 2024 Volkswagen ID.4 is built on the MEB platform, which features rear drum brakes and the so-called “long steering wheel” with a rotation of 3.5 full turns from stop to stop. The suspension in the electric vehicle has a fairly reliable design: the familiar MacPherson is in front, and the rear axle is made in the form of a more complex multi-lever system.

The 520-km range declared by the manufacturer is sufficient under moderate loads, when acceleration does not occur by actively pressing the accelerator pedal and the average speed does not exceed 90-110 km/h. Given the peculiarities of the electric battery’s operation at negative temperatures, the maximum range can be reduced by up to 30% in winter.

Service maintenance

According to the manufacturer, the battery is serviced every two years at special Volkswagen service centers. Maintenance of other components and assemblies of the electric vehicle is equally important. As with all gasoline vehicles, maintenance is performed in accordance with the regulations and includes:

– Computer diagnostics every 10 thousand kilometers (1 year)
– Suspension and brake system diagnostics every 10 thousand kilometers (1 year)
– Adjustment of the camber every 10 thousand kilometers (1 year)
– Replacement of the cabin filter every 10 thousand km (1 year)
– Oil change in the gearbox every 80 thousand km (every 5 years)
– Checking the 12v battery every 10 thousand kilometers
– Change brake fluid and antifreeze after the first 3 years.

In the owner’s manual you will also find useful information about the car, for example: a service schedule, information on all the functionality of the car, keyless entry, about the multimedia system, about actions in emergency situations, all technical specifications, etc.

All service intervals listed above are calculated for vehicles operated under normal conditions. In the case of operation in harsh conditions, such as extremely low temperatures or high levels of dust, the service intervals will vary. For more information on the operation and maintenance of the electric vehicle in harsh climatic conditions, please refer to the Volkswagen service book and the information sticker in the luggage compartment.

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