Sharan Owner's Manuals

A car with a minivan body type. It has been produced by the German automobile concern since 1995. It has undergone two restyling. The origin of the name comes from the Persian language, which means “bearer of kings”. Sales of the first generation exceeded 250 thousand cars. Production of the second generation began in 2010.
The new second-generation minivan has a common platform with the Passat. This car was presented in Geneva. Depending on the model, it can accommodate from 5 to 7 people. In the latter case, with a seating arrangement (2+3+2) a lightweight folding seat system is available. Child seats are available on request. Depending on the configuration the truck has 4 types of engines. The first one (gasoline) has a capacity of 1.4 liters and develops 150 horsepower. The other 3 (diesel) have the same capacity – 2 liters, only with a difference in power, which ranges from 115 to 200 horsepower.