2023 Volkswagen Sharan Owner's Manual

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2023 Volkswagen Sharan Owner's Manual

The Sharan minivan was restyled last year. The car received an updated design, an improved interior, changes affected power units and electronics.

Volkswagen Sharan 2023 interior

The interior is very spacious. Although the passenger seats are not removable, they can be moved and hidden. Due to this, you can increase the luggage compartment. With the seats folded, its length increases to 2 meters, volume – 2430 liters. The luggage compartment lid is very high and does not interfere with unloading things.

The salon is designed for 5 people. In this case, the luggage compartment volume is only 800 liters. In addition to the luggage compartment, there are enough boxes inside the cabin to store various small items.

There is enough space in the back, so even tall passengers will be comfortable. The minivan received quite decent three-zone climate control. There are climate control controls for the passenger seats. This allows the driver not to be distracted from driving if the passengers become hot.
The Sharan has a low seating position, the same as in a passenger car, which is very comfortable for the driver.

The dashboard is made in a simple style, there is nothing superfluous here, nothing will distract the driver from the road.
Despite the modest dashboard, the car has a rich technical content. There is: parking assistant, 3 shock absorber hardness modes, stop/start system, energy regeneration, etc.

Thanks to excellent sound insulation, the engine’s operation in the cabin is almost inaudible.

Volkswagen Sharan 2023 Technical Specifications

Length – 4850 mm.
Width – 1990 mm.
Fuel – gasoline/diesel.
Engine capacity – 1390/1968 cm3.
Engine power 110/150 horsepower.
Fuel consumption per 100 km. – 5.6 liters of fuel.
The volume of the fuel tank is 85 liters.
Acceleration up to 100 km. – 10.7/19.1 sec.
Maximum speed – 194/197 km/h.
Transmission – automatic – 6 steps, another option – manual, when installing a diesel engine.
Drive – front.

Thanks to low fuel consumption, Sharan has become the most economical minivan in its class.

The minivan has excellent handling. Despite its considerable weight, 1.8 tons, it is very responsive to the steering wheel.
The vehicle’s ground clearance is 200 mm, which is 20 mm higher than the previous version.

Problems and service maintenance of Volkswagen Sharan 2023

Despite the fact that we have a very comfortable and economical car, it is not without problems. Engines of this type like those on the Sharan are prone to broken circuits. When overcoming the 100 thousand km mark, fuel consumption increases. So if you want your minivan to run perfectly, regular maintenance is essential.

We recommend visiting a service station every 10,000 km. In addition to the technical inspection, we recommend changing the oil.

Main competitors of Volkswagen Sharan 2023

Among the cars that are in the same class with Sharan, we note:

β€’ CitroΓ«n Berlingo
β€’ Renault Espace
β€’ Citroen Grand C4 Picasso
β€’ Opel Zafira
β€’ Renault Grand Scenic
β€’ Ford S-Max

These cars from other manufacturers that will be able to give the Sharan real competition.

Main advantages and disadvantages of Volkswagen Sharan 2023

The advantages of the 2023 Sharan
β€’ low fuel consumption;
β€’ excellent handling;
β€’ quality;
β€’ spacious interior.

β€’ frequent gearbox breakdowns;
β€’ low quality of interior finishing materials.

Volkswagen Sharan 2023 is a dynamic, economical minivan. An excellent car for a large family, with enough room for everyone. Our website offers Volkswagen Sharan 2023 user manuals.

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