Touran Owner's Manuals

The first production of this model began in 2003. Five or seven seats can be provided here. The car is similar to the Volkswagen Sharan. This is evidenced by the addition of the last syllable. The Sharan is the \”older brother\” of the touran.
The construction of this car, in the second generation, was made on an innovative platform MQB. The body became larger, which increased the dimensions of the interior. It had a positive impact on passenger comfort. There are more electronics. The base package includes a central display and an on-board computer. The engines became more economical to comply with European standards. The size of the trunk is larger, despite the fact that the length has increased by only 10 cm compared to the Volkswagen Golf. The weight of the car, in comparison with the first generation became less by 62 kg, while the dimensions have increased. There is a choice of engines with a displacement of 1.2-2.0 liters in different variants. Power ranges from 110 to 200 horsepower.