2023 Volkswagen Jetta GLI Owner's Manual

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2023 Volkswagen Jetta GLI Owner's Manual

The 2023 Volkswagen Jetta GLI is a compact sedan with a sporty character and modern design. The car’s main competition is the turbocharged Honda Civic Si model. The updated model received minimal changes.

The sedan is built on the MQB Mk 7 GTI platform, although the GTI models have already received a new MQB version labeled Mk 8. The starting price for the 40th Anniversary Edition version starts at 28,000 US dollars.

Externally, the car has smooth body lines that emphasize not only solidity, but also emphasize dynamism and speed. Additionally, the 40th Anniversary Edition is available in three colors. Blackened chrome components will become an original element. The model is equipped with black 18-inch alloy wheels. For the Jetta GLI Performance model, an original design in the form of airbrushing on the body surface was provided.

The sloping roof adds to the overall shape of the body. Extended fenders add power and muscularity.

2023 Volkswagen Jetta GLI Specifications

A 4-cylinder in-line power unit is installed under the hood of the updated Jetta GLI. The working volume of the engine is 2.0 liters and the power is 228 horsepower.

For the basic model, a 6-range mechanical gearbox is provided. Additionally, you can get an automatic 7-speed gearbox that has a double clutch. For such a configuration, steering wheel paddles are available. This combination allows you to improve the acceleration indicators compared to the standard unit. The basic configuration is capable of reaching a power of 158 hp with a 1.5-liter 4-cylinder in-line engine.

With a six-speed manual, the car accelerates to 100 km/h in 6.1 seconds, which is better than the performance of the Honda Civic Si.

In handling, the car is distinguished by powerful brakes, sensitive steering and smoothness even on uneven surfaces. The braking system is represented by disc ventilated brakes at the front and disc brakes at the rear.

Electric power steering is provided. Regardless of configuration, the car is available only with front-wheel drive.

The wheelbase of the model is 2686 mm, length 4747 mm and width 1799 mm.


In addition to the refined interior, the car received all the necessary options to ensure comfort. The front row of seats is equipped with heating and ventilation. Fabric upholstery is available for the standard version. For the 40th Anniversary Edition, the GLI 40 logo is embossed on the fabric. The same elements are placed on the steering wheel and on the cup holders.

Thanks to the electric drive, adjustment of positions takes place without unnecessary effort and time. Leather upholstery is provided for improved equipment. A panoramic roof is optionally available.

Molded seams on the instrument panel are not quite comfortable. Makes the appearance and hard plastic element on the door cheaper.
A 10.3-inch instrument panel is installed on the central panel. The multimedia system is represented by an 8-inch touch screen for the basic configuration. Information and other functions are easily integrated with a smartphone thanks to the available Apple CarPlay and Android Auto applications.

Additionally, a Wi-Fi access point is provided. The audio system is represented by 8 speakers. A wireless smartphone charging panel is available. The luggage compartment can accommodate up to 7 hand luggage.

Safety systems

The Jetta GLI has standard safety features. Driver assistants include lane keeping control, adaptive high beams. The car has forward collision warning features that include automatic emergency braking.

Rearview cameras and blind spot monitoring allow you to recognize pedestrians and warn of cross traffic behind the car. Additionally, adaptive cruise control is installed, which makes it easier to drive the car on long trips.

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