2021 Volkswagen Arteon Owner's Manual

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2021 Volkswagen Arteon Owner's Manual

Due to the considerable (by the standards of the class) wheelbase of 2840 mm, the rear row of the car provides up to 1016 mm of legroom. The comfort of the rear passengers is also provided by a separate – third – zone of the climate system settings. The luggage compartment has a volume of 563 liters. The rear sofa can be folded down in the proportion of 2/3, there is a hatch for carrying long objects (up to 2092 mm). With the folded back row, the volume of free space is equal to 1557 liters.

The list of power plants for Arteon is quite wide. Gasoline “turbo four” 2.0 TSI is forced up to 190 or 280 hp. In the first case, the engine works on the so-called B-cycle (with shortened valve opening time at intake stroke), which increased its efficiency by up to 10%. The 2.0-liter turbodiesel is boosted to 150 hp or 200 hp, the engine uses dual AdBlue urea system called Twin dosing (reduces NOx emissions by up to 80%). The engines are equipped with a six-speed “mechanics” or seven-speed “robot”, available as mono-drive versions, and all-wheel drive 4Motion (with more powerful engines).

The model is also available with a hybrid power plant (eHybrid version) where a 156-horsepower TSI petrol engine works together with a 115-horsepower electric motor and a six-speed DSG DQ400E “robot”. A lithium-ion battery located on the rear axle of the liftback provides both autonomous driving on pure electricity and a more sporty powertrain mode (GTE mode). The hybrid’s total output is 218 horsepower, with front-wheel drive.

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