2021 Volkswagen CC Owner's Manual

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2021 Volkswagen CC Owner's Manual

The legendary model from Volkswagen has been one of the most popular for almost half a century. This is a very balanced car; new design features are harmoniously combined with comfort. Below is a brief instruction for the user of the 2021 Volkswagen CC.
In 2021, the Passat has undergone a restyling. The vehicle was based on the modernized MQB-B platform. Let’s note the powerful engine and exemplary dynamics. For hard roads, this is one of the best cars. In 2021, the Passat was produced in two versions – station wagon and liftback.

2021 Volkswagen CC specifications

The car is equipped with a 4-cylinder front-wheel drive gasoline engine. The car has a 6-speed automatic transmission with shift capability. The salon is designed for 5 people. Warranty 4 years, mileage 80,500 km.

  • Model height – 1490 mm.
  • Length – 4917 mm.
  • Wheelbase – 2804 mm.
  • Total weight – 2029 kg.
  • Maximum load – 430 kg.


There’s plenty of room inside the car for five large men. This car is literally created for a comfortable ride – it has everything you need: a panoramic roof that fills the interior with daylight, three-zone climate control that creates ideal conditions in the cabin, atmospheric lighting and much more.

The seats are worth mentioning: thoughtful design, lateral support system, 14-directional adjustment make the ride very comfortable.

Now let’s move on to the control system. In front of the driver is a digital instrument panel, which, in addition to instruments, also displays a map of the navigation system. 4 cameras providing all-round visibility significantly increase travel safety. The car is not left without a voice control system and digital assistants. The complex layout of control buttons and keys located on the steering wheel spoils the impression a little. I was also not impressed by the old-fashioned display cover of the control system. In general, the control system is very convenient, apart from a few minor flaws.

Volkswagen CC 2021 Competitors

The main cars that can compete with the Volkswagen CC include: Audi 6 series, BMW 5 series touring, Volvo S 80, Toyota Camry, Mercedes-Benz CLS.

Volkswagen CC 2021: what’s new, advantages and disadvantages of the model

It was not possible to find any special, revolutionary differences in the 2021 update. Note that cruise control has become part of the standard equipment. Compared to the previous version, the interior design has changed.

Advantages of the model. Volkswagen CC is a quality car at an affordable price. It is distinguished by comfort, modern equipment, a spacious interior, and is suitable for family people.

The disadvantages include the low rise of the car above the road. So those who like to drive off-road will not be interested in this car.

The main problems of the Volkswagen CC 2021

– gearbox breakdowns
– silent block racks
– brake fluid leaking from rear calipers
– electrical failures in frosty weather.

Volkswagen CC 2021 Maintenance

To keep your car running like a charm, regular maintenance is necessary. We recommend contacting service centers at least twice a year, in spring and autumn. This is the only way to avoid unexpected problems. If a malfunction is detected, do not delay visiting a car service center.

The cost of service is influenced by various factors, we will indicate the average prices:
β€’ replacement of spark plugs – about $200;
β€’ injector cleaning – $100;
β€’ replacement of coolant – $150;
β€’ oil change – $150;
β€’ alternator belt replacement – $155.

Volkswagen CC is an excellent car, you won’t regret buying it. It combines exquisite shapes with excellent quality.

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