2023 Volkswagen CC Owner's Manual

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2023 Volkswagen CC Owner's Manual

The Volkswagen car brand presented the Passat CC model back in 2008 at the Detroit Auto Show. The presented sports four-door coupe, according to the manufacturer’s plan, was supposed to fill the market niche between the classic Passat and the Phaeton brand flagship. In 2016, the model was discontinued due to a number of reasons, one of which was the low demand for this car.

Having completed the production of the model, the designers did not abandon the idea of developing a D-class sports car and in 2017 presented to the world the new Volkswagen Arteon in a liftback body, the successor of which is today’s Passat CC (Arteon).

In September 2023, sales of the familiar car began, but in a different guise. The model has changed its sporty features of a liftback in favor of a sedan and station wagon body. Since the car has a special design, exceptional equipment and has a certain uniqueness and uncompromisingness, among the competitors of the model in this price segment, only SKODA Superb, BMW 4 series and Peugeot 508 can be singled out.

In addition to changing the body, the 2023 Volkswagen CC underwent a minor facelift and revision of the car’s equipment level. The manufacturer also added several auxiliary systems, including a traffic jam assistant, a lane keeping road sign recognition system, and a panoramic image from all-around cameras.

The car has retained its fast design, the front part has received updated Full LED optics, which looks very impressive against the background of the wide chrome radiator grille. The interior is still the same Passat with minor changes in the interior design.

The multimedia system works together with an 8-inch touch screen. The climate control unit also received touch control. Instead of an analog instrument panel, all the useful data of the on-board computer and information about the state of the car are displayed on a liquid crystal display with a diagonal of 10.25 inches.

2023 Volkswagen CC Technical characteristics

According to the trends of the release of the latest models from the Volkswagen brand, the company has significantly reduced the variety of engines installed on the latest models. Passat CC was no exception and is equipped with only two engines to choose from – this is gasoline
2.0 TSI with a capacity of 280 hp and the 2.0 TDI diesel version, which has a power of 200 hp.

Both engines are paired with a robotic 7-speed DSG gearbox. Despite the sufficient number of complaints from car owners about the DSG transmission from Volkswagen, the company guarantees the quality and reliable operation of the unit, arguing that the operation of this gearbox has been perfected over the years of production.

All-wheel drive is available exclusively in the gasoline version, and without compromise, without a single-axle drive option. The car’s ground clearance is 12.5 cm, which is quite enough for urban use. The MQB platform on which the car is built is also borrowed from the Volkswagen Passat. The adaptive DCC suspension is perfectly balanced at the expense of elasticity and ride comfort, overcoming small curbs, tram tracks and other urban obstacles with due ease.

Volkswagen Passat CC 2023 maintenance

With proper operation and compliance with the service interval, the Passat CC does not cause complaints even among the most demanding motorists. It is recommended by the manufacturer to undergo scheduled maintenance at official Volkswagen dealer services, under the supervision of professionals and using only original spare parts.

Depending on the mileage, Passat CC service may include:
• replacement of engine oil and oil filter (every 6-8 thousand km);
• replacement of the engine air filter and cabin filter
(every 15 thousand km);
• replacement of spark plugs (once every 60,000 km);
• computer diagnostics of the engine (every 15 thousand km);
• computer diagnostics of the car as a whole (every 15 thousand km);
• replacement of the timing belt kit (once every 120,000 km)
• oil change in the gearbox (once every 30-40 thousand km)

Prices for services are approximate and depend on your location and the selected service center for maintenance.

Volkswagen Passat CC is a car that, by its appearance alone, removes all questions about its relevance on the market. In addition to the spectacular design, the Passat CC is a balanced and well-rounded car in every sense of the word. Time-tested engines and the reliability of all components, from wheels to steering wheel, allow the owner to move confidently and comfortably both in the city traffic and on highways.

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