Volkswagen Golf MK8 Owner's Manual

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Volkswagen Golf MK8 Owner's Manual

However, for this Golf you can order the R-Performace package, with which the top speed will be increased to 270 km/h, and in addition to the basic modes there will be additional Drift and Special. In the first – thanks to the all-wheel drive transmission – the maximum amount of traction is transferred to the rear axle, and the ESC stabilization system “relaxes”. The second activates the settings that are optimal for driving on the Nürburgring’s North Loop (for example, the shock absorbers become softer to achieve maximum traction with the road, because at the Nürburgring there are often altitude differences). By the way, this generation of Golf R equipped with DSG showed 19 seconds better result (07:51) on the North loop than the previous one.

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