2023 Volkswagen Golf Owner's Manual

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2023 Volkswagen Golf Owner's Manual

The updated Golf left the WAG assembly line in December 2022 and was presented to the general public of US car enthusiasts this summer. The VW Golf 2023 rightfully takes a leading position in the C-class thanks to its simplicity, reliability and, as always, modern design.

The car has two petrol engines: 1.4 TSI (150 hp) and 1.6 MPI (110 hp). Depending on the configuration, the units are paired with a 6- and 8-speed automatic transmission or a 6-speed manual transmission. Most users of previous generations know that the car is equipped with both a robotic DSG and a conventional automatic transmission.

Prices for the updated VW Golf 2023

The basic configuration, which is called β€œGolf”, will cost the future owner $23 thousand, which sets the hatchback apart from others compared to the model’s direct competitors.

Breaking all budget indicators, the GTI version, equipped with a two-liter TSI engine with 245 hp, deserves special attention. and with a price tag of $38 thousand. Of the entire range of models, only the VW Golf GTI is exclusively equipped with a 7-speed DSG. This decision was made by the company’s engineers to emphasize the sporty nature and improve the speed characteristics of the model.


Since the new product is presented on the market only in a hatchback body, this significantly narrows the number of competing models among C-class cars.
C-segment hatchbacks:
β€’ Ford Focus (from $26 thousand)
β€’ Citroen C4 (from $24 thousand)
β€’ Peugeot 308 (from $28 thousand)
β€’ Hyundai i30 (from $20 thousand)

Features of the new Golf 2023

When looking at a car, the first thing that catches your attention is its fresh and modern design. The low front part with a wide cut of the updated matrix LED optics looks dynamic, forming the well-known style of the brand.

Inside the car you are immersed in an extremely comfortable digital world, creating a certain atmosphere of its own for the driver and passengers. The Innovision Cockpit system adjusts everything to you, remembering seat position settings and climate control preferences. Working in tandem with a 10-inch display, the system allows you to control almost all processes occurring in the car: from setting up the display of useful information on instrument scales, managing multimedia, combining it with a phone, to monitoring security systems.

In the case of the latest generation Volkswagen Golf, VAG designers did not come up with anything new on how to place the body on the same MQB platform. This means that the suspension system and all its components are made similarly to the previous model, while maintaining the overall dimensions of the car.

Regarding engines, not everything is as clear as it seems at first glance. Thinking about what engine would be under the hood of the updated Golf, the engineers moved away from the issue of innovation and decided to equip the cars with a seemingly outdated naturally aspirated 1.6 MPI engine along with a more modern 1.4 TSI. Note that the archaic and time-tested naturally aspirated engine will not be used in Europe and is designed exclusively for the market in Eastern Europe and Asia. Thus, the developers of the Golf 8 managed to combine modern design with proven and durable engines.

Main disadvantages and problems of the Volkswagen Golf 2023

It’s too early to talk about any chronic shortcomings of the model, but based on the fact that the platform and engines have already been used in previous versions, we can note several negative user reviews:

β€’ engines with a small volume do not warm up the interior well in winter at idle speed;
β€’ not everyone has problems with engine oil being consumed, but no one is immune from the possibility of such a deficiency occurring over time;
β€’ MPI series units are considered more reliable than TSI motors, since the latter are more complex, work in conjunction with a turbine and require more maintenance.

The cost of holding the latest eight series should be expected to be similar to the previous model.

You will find the schedule maintenance on this page above in the owner’s manual.

The car continues to occupy a dominant position in the class every day, revealing the potential laid down by the manufacturer. The eighth model of the series is a logical completion and the result of many years of experience of past generations. The engineers’ plan was thoroughly thought out and brought to perfection, brought to life in the latest generation of the iconic Volkswagen Golf.

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