2022 Volkswagen ID.3 Owner's Manual

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2022 Volkswagen ID.3 Owner's Manual

Gradually, an all-electric Volkswagen model begins to appear. This model is a bit like the Golf or Polo. The peculiarity of this model is its drive, or rather rear drive. So far, this model has not gained high popularity in the European market, but the German automaker is actively working on it and surely in the near future, will compete with other serious automakers, which are actively developing electric cars.

The ground clearance of this model is big enough to overcome large puddles or not too strong off-road. The batteries of this model are located in the bottom of the car, but they do not cause discomfort to the passengers, as compared to older models of these cars.
VW ID3 suspension is fully independent and assembled from quality parts of German manufacturers.

The interior of the new car is quite simple and has nothing unnecessary. Everything necessary to operate the “ship” is installed here and all the functions can be understood even by a child, although the functions look far from childish.

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