VW Golf MK5 Owner's Manual

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VW Golf MK5 Owner's Manual

There is no need to advertise the Gulf 5 series, it is an absolutely unique car, which attracts with its practicality. No matter whether a person uses such a car in the city or outside, comfort is assured.

The Golf 5 model offers gearboxes and engines with several variants. The simplest engine has only 1.4 liters of volume, atmospheric or diesel. With the latter, the consumption will please the owner at all, because it is only 6-6.5 liters per hundred.

One of the disadvantages of this car is the constant consumption of oil in the engine, which is a constant cost to the owner. The suspension of the Golf 5 is decent to withstand the harsh conditions, so there is no need to refine it. Spare parts are available and have a low cost compared to the latest models.

In the standard set of complation you can distinguish the advantages: power steering, air conditioning, power windows, heated seats. For additional finances, you can choose a more farcical set for the Golf.

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