VW Golf MK6 Owner's Manual

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VW Golf MK6 Owner's Manual

The new version of the MK6 definitely has differences in exterior design, unlike the standard Golf model. This car is designed for comfortable driving, unlike the standard Golf with its sporty character.
In the set of units provided a large line to choose from, which includes both conventional atmospheric and diesel engines with different variations of transmissions.

For all its novelty, the new MK6 is considered the most conventional car, but with the addition of modern technology such as cruise control, climate control, pedestrian brake control and more.

Here are the engines for people who like powerful small cars. That is why there is an opportunity to buy a “horse” with 210 strong engine, all-wheel drive and 2 liters volume. With such characteristics, it is very convenient to move around the city, and the consumption will please any owner or test driver. It is about 4,5 liters per one hundred. These figures are based on the weight of the car, the engine series, the size of discs and other significant indicators.

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