2020 Volkswagen T-Roc Owner's Manual

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2020 Volkswagen T-Roc Owner's Manual

Model T-Roc looks very fresh, despite the fact that those or other “family” features we have already seen on crossovers and not only. Favors this with a few design decisions that make the car even in such a competitive environment very stand out. The blown wheel arches show the car wider and lower, than it really is. These undercuts are made so volumetrically that they affect even the shape of the rear doors. Another innovation is very massive back pillar of a roof: at first it seems that additional glazing would be organic here, but then you understand – such decision makes the car’s look very massive and confident (not according to the class even somehow). The roof line in the back is very sloped and visually creates a gap between the rear window and the trunk, and it is a very interesting decision. Of the less interesting and new, but also very much coloring the car is the possibility of a two-color range of the body: 10 dominant colors and 4 colors of the roof.

The first thing that catches your eye when you look from front at the VW T-Roc is its new optics, especially the daytime running lights (combined with turn signals) made along the contour of air intakes. The grille is similar to the Tuareg’s, and the honeycomb on it is made in the style of Arteon, and this adds to the car’s status gain. At the back the car is very relief: the underbars on the trunk door have nothing to do with the smooth lines. The contours of the exhaust system tips are trickery, but look spectacular. The entire perimeter of the car has black safety pads, diluted with silver inserts in the front and rear.

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