2022 Volkswagen ID.5 Owner's Manual

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2022 Volkswagen ID.5 Owner's Manual

Volkswagen ID.5 (Volkswagen ID.5) is a rear-wheel drive electric crossover of the “K1” class. The first generation of the model. The car premiered on November 3, 2021.

Volkswagen has decided to allocate a coupe-like crossover ID.5 in a separate model, despite the fact that this electric car from the technical point of view completely repeats the previously presented ID.4. Having a length of 4599 mm and the size of the wheelbase of 2766 mm, the car due to the sloping roof “loses” the output model only 12 mm of height on the second row and a few liters in luggage compartment with unfolded second row. But it “wins” in the factor of aerodynamic drag (at ID.5 it is 0.26 against 0.28 at ID.4) and brightness of appearance.

The base combination of traction power unit and battery is 170-horsepower electric motor and 77-kilowatt battery (rated capacity – 82 kWh). In this configuration, the range of the ID.5 on a single charge is 520 km (according to the WLTP cycle). The same indicator is relevant for a slightly more powerful version, in which the engine gives already 204 hp. As for charging, the maximum power of current for the crossover is 135 kW.

The ID.5 is equipped by default with the latest – 3.0 – version of the software, which gives the car the function of voice control (just say “Hallo ID”). However, the crossover’s software is updated over the air, which will help implement other most recent solutions as soon as they are released. In addition, like other ID models, ID.5 is equipped with a function of data exchange with the infrastructure and other Volkswagen (Π‘ar2X), which allows you to receive information from objects within a radius of 800 meters.

The list of available equipment for the ID.5 crossover includes the semi-autonomous Travel Assist autopilot and parking assistant with a trip-memory function, the adaptive DCC chassis, IQ.Light matrix headlights, 3D cluster taillights, panoramic roof, projection display with augmented reality, three-zone climate control and an advanced heat pump (which saves battery power), as well as wireless charging for smartphones.

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