2021 Volkswagen Transporter Owner's Manual

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2021 Volkswagen Transporter Owner's Manual

The seventh generation of the Transporter, is very impressive with its new appearance and interior trim. This model is still available in truck and passenger body.

The front end of the VW Transporter is recognizable, but changed. The headlights have got unique LED lighting, and the headlights themselves resemble the eyes of some monster. In the middle of the grille you can see a red line along the entire panel.

The interior of the new model has turned into a sports truck. This is proven by a completely redesigned console. It features a large screen to control various vehicle functions, such as climate or cruise control. There is also a support of synchronization with modern smartphones. The first row of the Transporter can seat three people, including the driver.

The top-of-the-line configuration includes leather seats in several colors, air conditioning, and additional screens. It will be comfortable to go on long trips, for example, to the sea, in such a car.

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